• Name:
  • 太阳能连接线
  • Model:
  • T4-FUSE
  • Specifications:
  • Brand:
  • 泰格莱
  • Product Code:
  • 65XXXX-XXX
  • Color:
  • 黑色
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  • 1186
  • Date:
  • 2013-11-01 15:58:48
    Our Solar products add new family members: T4-FUSE cable Assembly
       T4-FUSE cable Assembyl  will be the best solution for Jumper cable, The robust design and fixed overmold make whole product more
       The TUV and UL  DC 1000V Approved, Stable quality make it can be applied for more heavy Environment requirement.

    Technical data: Features:
    * For wire size: 1.5-9.0mm2 (AWG16/14/12/10/8) •Fully intermateable with industry standard
    * Rated voltage: 1000V DC(UL/TUV) •Meets all new NEC 2008 requirements
    * Rated current: 15A 85 °C •Quick and easy secure snap lock mating
    * Temperature range: -40 ~ 85°C •Simple unlocking tool meets NEC requirements
    * Contact material: Copper, tin plated •Long-term UV  and Ozone resistance
    * Housing material: PC •Highest current rating in industry
    * Protection class: IP68  
    * Safety Class: II (IEC61140)  
    *Pollution Degree: II (IEC60664)  
    *Overvoltge categroy: III (E\IEC60664)  
    *Flame class: UL94-V0  
    * RoHS compliant