• Name:
  • T5 Free Female connector
  • Model:
  • T5
  • Specifications:
  • T5 Free Connector
  • Brand:
  • Ti-Lane
  • Product Code:
  • 65021-02
  • Color:
  • Black
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  • 6514
  • Date:
  • 2016-06-10 16:16:45
     Tl-Lane T5 AC Solar connector is used to accommodate Micro inverter system. The UL(E478734) recognized connectors, Passed UL 300V AC testing. And Also contain the characteristic of anti-aging and UV resistant.  Robust Design and stable quality make it can be applied for any heavy Environment requirement.   Snap in Design make it very easy to lock each other, As well as Ti-Lane Solar cable Assembly.
    Technische Daten: Technical data 技术参数      
    Steckverbindersystem   Connector system             金属插头系统 ¢1.0mm    
    Bemessungsspannung Rated voltage   额定电压 300V AC(TUV)1)    
      300V AC(UL)2)    
    Bemessungsstrom Rated current   额定电流      
    Prufspannung     Test voltage   测试电压 0.5kV(50Hz,1min.)  
    Umgebungstemperaturbereich Ambient temperature range   环境温度范围 -40℃+90℃(IEC)  
    Obere Grenztemperatur   Upper limiting temperature 温度上限 +105℃(IEC)    
    Schutzart,gesteckt   Degree of protection,mated 防护等级,安装盖合状态 IP67    
        ungesteckt          unmated       触摸保护,未盖合装态 IP2X    
    Kontaktwiderstand der Steckverbinder Contact resistance of plug connectors 连接器接触阻抗 2.0mΩ    
    Schutzklasse     Safety class   安全等级    
    Kontaktmaterial Contact material   端子材料 Messing,verzinnt  
      Copper Alloy,tin plated  
    Isolationsmaterial   Insulation material   绝缘材料 PC    
    Verriegelungssystem   Locking system   锁紧系统 N/A    
    Flammklasse     Flame class   火焰等级 UL-94-V0/5VA    
    Salznebelsprühtest,Scharfegrad 5 Salt mist spray test,degree of severity 5 腐蚀试验等级 IEC 60068-2-52  
    UL-Zulassung     UL-Recognized   UL认证编号 E478734    
    Patentzahl     Patent No.   专利认证编号 201630025968.X/201620067864.X