Shanghai exhibition in August 2023


Dear exhibition attendees,

Thank you for visiting booth B4565 of Ti-Lane Precision Electronic Co., LTD at the 18th Shanghai International Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Exhibition (EVSE). This exhibition has provided us with an excellent opportunity to showcase our charging gun products to you.

Ti-Lane Precision Electronic Co., LTD, formerly known as Shenzhen Ti-Gelai Precision Electronic Co., LTD, is a leading global provider of connector and cable assembly solutions for industries such as communication, computing, consumer electronics, industrial, medical, automotive, and clean energy. Our technology helps make innovative products such as vision products, 5G transmission products, and solar energy products more affordable and accessible, benefiting consumers and businesses worldwide. At Ti-Lane, we transform today's innovation into tomorrow's industry.

As a Chinese company, Ti-Lane is well-versed in local supply chain management and constantly strives to meet customer requirements, including competitive pricing, on-time delivery, stable quality, and excellent service.

During the exhibition, we had in-depth discussions and collaborations with numerous industry professionals, which has brought us valuable cooperation opportunities and market insights. We greatly appreciate your interest and support for our products.

We aim to provide more clean energy to the world and contribute to this goal. Since 2022, we have become an OEM supplier of mini inverters, dedicated to making contributions to the development of the sustainable energy industry through innovation and technological advancement.

If you have any questions or requirements regarding our products or services, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your support and attention at this exhibition!

Thank you all!

Ti-Lane Precision Electronic Co., LTD
MB:  +86-13823191520  Joanna Pan
E-mail: sales@ti-lane.com

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